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On the basis of the promotion plan released by Green World Group in the African region, there were 25 excellent distributors, through one year’s efforts, who have won the qualification of in-depth training and luxury tour to Las Vegas. However, due to the visa issue, only 14 winners went in for the 7-day (from April 23 to April 30, 2019) U.S. tour organized by Green World African Region, including 1 distributor from Kenya, 3 distributors from Zimbabwe and 9 distributors from South Africa.

New York, the world economic center, was the first stop, where our distributors set foot on places that often appear in film and television dramas such as Wall Street, New York Stock Exchange, Hudson River, 911 Memorial Center, Times Square, and Manhattan Bridge.

Later, the distributors came to Las Vegas to attend the in-depth training: THE MOST POWERFUL WOMEN IN NETWORK MARKETING 2019 held by world-renowned training company GO PRO. Nearly 3,000 direct sales elites around the world participated in the event. In the three days of training, various successful direct selling leaders used their own experience to tell the participants how they overcome their inner fears and how to lead the team to success give answers and guidance to all possible problems from the family to the business, the inspiration to the leadership, the traditional marketing to the internet sales and so on. This training not only allows distributors to see the success and accomplishments of the direct sales personnel at the top of the world and their qualities but also learns a lot of latest experience in Internet sales. Though we may not be the best at the moment, as long as we keep studying, practicing and summarizing, one day, the seven-figure income will no longer be such a distant dream.

On the return flight, all distributors were full of praise for this journey and said that this would be a very precious experience in their lives. They sincerely thanked the Green World Group, which gave them the opportunity to come to the coveted U.S., as well as together with the world’s direct selling elites to witness the elegant demeanor of the world’s top direct selling teams and learn their courses and experience. This also has made them realize that what they have done was far from enough. In the days to come, only by working harder can they possibly be on a par with the world’s top direct selling elites.