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Established in 1994, Green World is a transnational group engaged in the research and development, production, and marketing of health care products. Adhering to “People Oriented and Honesty First” as its core value, Green World has endeavored to improve people’s health and lifestyle through its R&D strengths and cutting-edge production technologies. Guided by its health philosophy of “From Nature, Beyond Nature and Back to Nature”, Green World has been dedicated to integrating the safest and the purest plant essence of nature to produce health care products as well as promote the health concept around the world.


Dr. De Mingli, the founder of Green World, has achieved outstanding progress in researches on using plant essence to counteract cancer. During her advanced study and research work in the US, Dr. Deming Li has contacted many high-caliber R&D talents and has thoroughly studied the world-leading techniques and sources of raw materials. The R&D team led by her is known for their expertise in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Chinese medicinal formula, as well as the latest nutriology, medicine, and pharmacology. Most of the product formulas are the marriage of the ancient Chinese wisdom from folk prescriptions and the latest western achievements in nutrition. Green World products have won the heart of consumers of different colors, races, places, and cultural backgrounds. When used as a combination of related products, they demonstrate health benefits for every system of the human body. In detoxification, eye and liver protection, Green World products boast world-leading qualities.


Green World products reach almost 300 hundred varieties which can be classified into 8 categories such as health care products, food, health care devices, personal care products, skincare products, home care products, tourmaline devices and ornament, and organic bio-fertilizer.


Among the Green World product series, Blueberry Series stand out due to its advanced formula and state-of-the-art production techniques. Most Green World blueberry products are formulated with blueberry or its extracts as the key ingredient, assisted by other natural herbs or ingredients used as both food and medicine. Either in form of food supplements, food, or high-end skincare products, Green World Blueberry Series is worthy of its premier position in its scientific formula, efficacy, and safety.

Green World is the pioneer in the health care industry who initiated the “6G Standards” to guide its operation ranging from R&D, production and services, to logistics and customer care. Meanwhile, Green World is updating the “6G Standards” when implementing them stringently. Green World is carrying out operation specifications in compliance with international standards. It is an accredited Hygiene License, ISO9001:2008 Quality Management Systems certification, and HACCP System Certification.


The worldwide emergence and sustainable development of Green World owe thanks to a high-caliber management team with a clear vision and rich field experience. Led by top executives with expertise and great leadership, regions of Green World witnessed the in-depth exploration of existing markets and aggressive opening up of new markets. Up to now, Green World has successfully opened up global markets in Africa, Eurasia, Southeast Asia, South Asia, and North America with over 40 overseas branches and offices serving and supporting our business partners from all over the world.

At present, Green World endeavors to build its production base in Lishui, Nanjing. Together with the one in Michigan, USA, they will serve as the centers of R&D, production, and logistics following Tianjin’s production base. The goal of Green World is to build up a steady, harmonious, and sincere partnership between the customers, distributors, and the company. Green World is striving towards a win-win situation in which customers will save, distributors will thrive and the company will grow.