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Q: How do I Join and Purchase?


Green World has 3 Branch Offices in South Africa (Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Durban). We also have over 100 registered Distribution Centers countrywide.

Joining fees are at a cost of R150 and you will need to complete an application form with full and correct information. When you join, you get a Distributor Card and a Starter Kit.

When purchasing products, please complete the full and correct information on the order form and check the amount. Always remember to ask and keep the stamped PINK COPY after joining and purchasing as proof for future references.

The best way to do payment is by Cash Deposit or EFT to the Company Account which is on our order form and use the slip to buy.  Keep a copy of your slip as proof for future reference.

Alternatively, you can also Purchase Online.


Q: How do I check my Genealogy?


Option 1: You can go to any Branch Offices to retrieve your genealogy at a cost of R1/page.

Option 2: You can check it online.

Step 1: Enter the website http://en.world-food.com

Step 2: Fill in the Member ID, Directline, and Password.

Member ID = Company ID + your Distributor number.

Our Company IDs are as follows:

Johannesburg – ZA01

Durban – ZA02

Cape Town – ZA03

Zimbabwe – ZW01

Mozambique – MZ01

Put the correct code according to where you joined. For example, your Member ID should look something like this ZA0110000000.

A Directline number is your uplines number which also requires a Company ID of where your upline joined + their Distributor number. Use the Company ID above for reference.

The Password is automatically created by using the last six digits of your ID number that you used on your joining form or alternatively it will be the last six digits of your Distributor Number.

Step 3: Click the Login button.

Q: How do I qualify for a Bonus?


1. You qualify for a bonus after becoming a 3-star distributor.

2. All distributors need to maintain a minimum amount of BV according to their levels in order to qualify for a bonus.

The BVs for each level are as follows:

3- star & 4-star – 10BV;

5-star – 20BV;

6-star – 30BV;

7-star – 40BV;

8-star – 50BV;

1-star Manager & Above – 100BV.

The maintenance should be done before the 25th of each month.

The bonus amount will vary depending on your network activity and level.


Q: How do I get the Bonus?


1. Bank Transfer: Make sure you put the right banking details on the Joining form, so the bonus will be transferred to your account the following month from 20th to 25th. Make sure to put a South African bank account with a valid branch code. If you forget to put your banking details or it is in error, you may come to the company with ID copy and distributor card to change the banking details.

2. Cash Collection: You can collect at one of our Branch Offices, bring along your ID and Distributor Card. A bonus under the amount of R1,000 can be collected in cash and if the bonus is over the amount of R1,000 we will need a valid banking detail to transfer the bonus.

3. Foreign Network: Distributors who joined outside of South Africa will get the bonus from the Branch Office in that country, in some cases, you can get the bonus from the Distribution Center you maintained at.


Q: I purchased products but the BV does not appear on the Genealogy?


1. Find your PINK COPY, check the distributor number, name, and stamp. Make sure that the name and distributor number are correct and match with the joining form.

2. If you find a mistake that is made, bring the pink copy to the IT department at one of our Branch Offices.

3. If you find no mistake, go to the Distribution Center that you purchased the product and ask for the SUBMISSION RECORD with our company stamp on it. If the shop failed to offer proof of submission, it means that the distribution center didn’t submit the sales to the company, please report it to the General Manager of our Branch Offices. We will take action.


Q: Does my Distributor Number expire or do I need to rejoin?


Green Wold distributor number never expires. You can always continue the business at any time anywhere. Rejoining issue is important because it is related to network stealing and misconduct. In case our distributors are misled please read the following policies.

  • If you want to rejoin in your own network to balance the structure, you can do so.
  • If you have stopped the business for more than 6 months, you can rejoin.
  • If any misconduct was done by your upline, the application letter with the evidence need to be submitted to the management for the approval of rejoining.

Illegal rejoining will be reversed once reported or discovered.