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Green World Blacklisting Policy


We from Green World have received various complaints concerning some distributors’ conducts vis-a-vis our Company and its business. The conducts are against the rules and regulations of Green World business operation and are even feared to be infringing against the applicable laws of acts of South Africa. Despite many requests and warnings from the Company on various occasions, these misconducts have not been rectified.


Therefore, in order to effectively curtail this kind of unscrupulous and unlawful behaviors from happening again for the benefits of protecting the reputation of Green World and the interests of all Green World distributors, we hereby introduce a Blacklisting Policy. All kinds of misconducts or/and crimes are reprimanded, disdained and zero tolerated by Green World.


  1. The procedure of blacklisting:

A. Report in writing from the distributor: Reporting in details of the misconduct or suspected crimes including but not limited to stealing or  cheating of BV money, illegal GW Shop operating, poaching of downlines, false and deceptive or misleading claims regarding the products and Green World business, defaming or reviling against the Company by tampering with facts, etc.

B. Solid, tangible and substantiated proof or evidence should be produced such as signed or stamped Order Forms, deposit slips, agreements, communication records like emails, Whatsapp chatting records and so on.

C. Investigation progress takes one week.

D. After confirmation, Green World will inform the appropriate person(s) involved in the case of the outcome of the investigation and will give two weeks’ time to rectify the misconducts or compensate for the damage caused.

E. In case the person(s) involved do(es) not take a positive stance to conclude a satisfactory solution within two weeks, or ignore the notice from Green World, he or she will be blacklisted.


  1. Green World reserves the rights of taking further legal actions/proceedings against the members on the blacklist if we deem it necessary.


  1. The members who are on the blacklist can be delisted after he or she rectifies the misconducts or compensates for the loss caused. A report of an evaluation of the consequences and aftermaths of the misconducts shall be done, after it is found favorable, the delisting will thereby be carried out.


  1. The blacklist will be publicized to Green World website and all Green World social media accounts. The serious wrongdoings will be publicized in the newspaper and other public media if necessary.


  1. Green World is moreover liaising with the South Africa Bureau or Credit and other credit monitoring organization to further blacklist the perpetrators if we deem it necessary.


  1. The blacklist is open for public, all Green World members, business partners, and stakeholders may check the list for credit search as a reference.


  1. Green World reserves all the rights of interpretation of this Policy of Blacklist.